powerball winning

powerball winning

233 million grand prize amonpowerball winningg retired men donated to charity in memory of his deceased wife

Most lottery wins where the jackpot is shared go amicably – whether that’s a family group or work syndicate. Occasionally, the prospect of winning millions turn nasty as one person feel they deserve more than the others or a person breaks up with a partner to avoid giving them a share. There are many stories like this but few cases of people filing a quick divorce in order to prevent their spouse getting all of the money. That is what happened to Yuan Li in 2015 when she discovered that her ex-husband was 4.6m Yuan richer (£467,000) the day after their divorce.

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The pandemic has hit heritage, hard. Some projects were already experiencing great difficulty. That’s certainly the case for smaller heritage properties who rely on summer visitors. One such property is Braemar Castle in Aberdeenshire, northeast Scotland. Braemar Castle restoration began in 2007 when a local community trust took over from the previous owners. It re-opened a year later and has remained so ever since. However, much of the building still requires a lot of work. The primary concern is the roof, for which the owners have spent a decade trying to raise funds.

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